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What is Pomelo?

Pomelo is a collaborative network in the industrial sector in which it interacts as a social network. This is the very first inniative as such, currently in the market. The idea came up to make it easier for each client when they have to make an inquiry, as the collaboration allows us to share experiences so that we can all get the most out of the machine. It is great to learn operating tricks, know how to apply a better use of the products, discover new markets, share the experience with users, technicians and more!! Therefore “the machines” are the protagonists and so each machine will have its profile. This social network, like any other, is based on making contacts, but from machine to machine and when it is established, between users and these with suppliers, gurus and more in the sector.

What is Pomelo’s Network?

It is designed, developed, thought and created by Barberan, we want our suppliers to feel free and comfortable offering their services and creating their own links. To this date we are operating through our web

Pomelo is a specific site for each company (group of machines) that contains a forum for technical queries, space to share experiences with technicians, engineers, suppliers, and users of the machines. Each company can post announcements and offers, notifications about production and queries of productivity data. In the future we will grow in functionalities by our own exploration and the feedback of the community. 

Pomelo’s meaning?

Putting each part of the Pomelo’s fruit together, would create the intended community as a social network. Each part has its zone, its contacts, these its clients and here its machines network which has its contacts. All together creates and names the community you can Join for Free, starting from today…

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The Hub is a network where companies who are producers or suppliers in the sector can control their production and products in a more accurate way. Thanks to the high demand on the Jetmaster department for many years we´ve accomplished a  different way to stay close to our clients and Barberan’s machinery. This space etc etc…


"A whole new idea of collaboration environment amongst companies" Esto irá en su landing propia

Pomelo´s Community

This community is a network where users can share their experiences with the different aspects and functionalities of Barberan’s machinery. It is a space where users within the sector can interact and meet other users with whom they can contact and assess personal interests, objectives and purposes. The platform includes articles, successes and innovations with digital printing, profile wrapping, lamination, gluing and coatings. These can be shared for other users to acknowledge.


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We will ensure the FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions) are always up to date.

1What do I need to get started ?

You will need to fill in and submit the request form and wait for our approval. 

2Can I be part this community if I don't own Barberan machinery ?

Yes, we welcome everyone within this sector to join the community. 

3Can I invite other people to join ?

Yes, everyone will need to follow the same procedure by filling in and submitting the request form, and waiting for approval. 

4Is it a secure network ?

Yes, we ensure everyone who is part of it has been referred by someone within Barberan S.A to ensure its safety. 

5What are the Reputation Points for ?

The more you participate by posting, answering and sharing content the more reputation points you earn. With more reputation points your comments will have higher visibility! 

6What main topics are usually discussed in the Community ?

The main topics are : 

  • Digital Printing
  • Profile Wrapping
  • Lamination 
  • Gluing 
  • Coatings