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What is Pomelo?

Pomelo is a collaborative network in the industrial sector in which user’s interactions function as a social network. This is an innovative idea to facilitate multiple exchanges, such as when clients’ inquiries arise or sharing experiences for the global common welfare. The allure and objective of this platform is to learn new operating tips as well as to optimize product usage, discover new markets and possibilities, share own experiences, interact with users and these with suppliers, gurus and many more in the sector.

What is Pomelo’s Community?

The community is a platform for each company that contains a forum for technical queries. It is a space to share experiences with technicians, engineers, suppliers, and owners of other machines. Each company or user can post announcements, offers, notifications about production and queries of productivity data. In the future we will grow in functionalities by our own exploration and the feedback from the community

Why Pomelo?

By putting each part of the pomelo’s fruit together, the intended community is created as a social network. Each part put together can aid in the development and provide favourable outcomes for many businesses and individuals

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What to discover within Pomelo …

The community is a collaborative network in the industrial sector in which it interacts as a social network. Users can share their experiences with the different aspects and functionalities of Barberan’s machinery.  It is a space where users within the sector can interact and meet other users with whom they can contact and assess personal interests, purposes, operating tips, discover new markets and many other possibilities. The platform includes articles, successes and innovations with digital printing, profile wrapping, lamination, gluing and coatings. These can be shared and commented on for other users to acknowledge.

Pomelo Company Hub

The Hub is a network where companies who produce or supply in the sector can collaborate and share resources. By uniting resources and innovations, productivity and the common welfare of all involved companies can increase. By accomplishing this, shared interests between companies create favourable situations. Stay tuned – more on this coming very soon… 

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Frequently Asked Questions

1What do I need to get started ?

You will need to fill in and submit the request form and wait for our approval. Once you have received the confirmation email you can proceed to read the second FAQ -  'How do I login for the first time?'

2How do I login for the first time?

Once you have been approved, you will receive an email with a link to enter into the platform. It is necessary to request a new password by clicking on the ''forgot password?'' at the bottom right corner. You will then receive an email with the instructions needed to reset and create your own password.(We recommend creating a secure password.) Once this is done, you can proceed to login like any other site. 

3Can I be part of Pomelo if I don't own Barberan machinery ?

We welcome everyone within this sector to join the community. 

4Can I invite other people to join ?

Yes, everyone will need to follow the same procedure by filling in and submitting the request form, and waiting for approval. 

5Is it a secure network ?

Yes, we ensure everyone who is part of it has been referred by someone within Barberan S.A to ensure its safety. 

6What main topics are usually discussed in the Community ?

The main concept is for users to learn about other client's experiences and best practices, to access other users comments and posts, the possibility of solving issues assisted by the technical support team and much more.. The main topics are sector based such as digital printing , profile wrapping, lamination, gluing and coatings.

7What can I get out of Pomelo Company Hub?

PomeloHub offers the chance to contact groups of people with the same or similar working conditions. Sharing experiences and knowledge with specialists within the same sector and the opportunity to share opportunities of excess demand or free production spaces. More information coming soon... 

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